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Everclear - "Annabella

    While poking through some old tapes recently, we uncovered somewhat of a rarity.

    "Annabella's Song", written for Art's daughter, has appeared in the Everclear catalog in various forms. The inital studio version (which appeared in 1995 on the "Heroin Girl" UK single) was a laid-back, nearly acoustic version. Later, the song was completely retooled with an orchestra on Learning How to Smile.

    During a show at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, British Columbia, on March 30, 1996, Everclear performed a version of "Annabella's Song" that was more "rock" than any of the other versions. This may reflect how the song could have sounded had it appeared on Pure White Evil. (Pure White Evil was the working title for So Much for the Afterglow.)

    The quality of this recording isn't as high as what we normally offer, but we figured it was worth making an exception.

    Everclear - "Annabella's Song" (Live) [5,025 KB]

NOTE - Auctioning these songs on CD-R's will result in a whole host of negative feedback. You've been warned. Thanks!