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As of March 12th, 2005, has ceased its run as an active Everclear website. From this point forward, the site will serve as an archive of Everclear information. The Discography and the Concert Chronology will be updated periodically, but on a far less frequent basis. At the same time, the Interaction section and Comment Board have been permanently removed.

Those seeking up-to-date Everclear information should check the band's official site at EverclearOnline and Eric Keown's Hungry & Hollow. (Be sure to check the H&H Boards in particular.)

March 12, 2005

As the guy behind the scenes, I can say that it's been a simply amazing experience being behind the helm of WL. I fell into the job more or less by accident with the passing of Nehalem and White Lightning Mailing List founder Brent Fusco in October of 1996. As everything progressed and as Everclear's fanbase grew, WL Mailing List affairs eventually required the creation of a website, which debuted on my personal Mindspring webspace in September of 1997. (If you're curious, check out the original version.)

In September of 1999, I got an email from Everclear's then-manager Darren Lewis, asking me if I would be willing to help out in creating a Fan Forum on the band's soon-to-debut official site at A few phone calls later, we agreed that doing a separate site was the right move: hence the debut of on January 1st, 2000. Were it not for the band's generous support, this site would not exist in the form that it has for the last five years.

"So," you're asking, "what's happened?" Honestly, my reasons for "retiring" have nothing to do with the recent events. While I tried not to let it show, I could tell that my own enthusiasm in updating the website had waned over the last few years. When I was in school, it was easy for me to blow off studying to work on updating the Concert Chronology. But, eight years on, I can tell that I'm just not as into it. And, for me, it's not fair to Everclear's fanbase for me to be running this at half-speed.

But, don't worry, the site's not disappearing. I'm not "closing" the site and making it go away. What's here now should be here for the forseeable future, including all of the Song of the Moments. (And, should something ever happen, all of the site's pages are comfortably archived in the Internet Wayback Machine.)

It's just time to hand the reigns over to the next generation of Everclear fans.

For all of those who came before, for all of those here now, and for all of those yet to come, I simply offer my thanks. The last ten years of Everclear have been an unforgettable experience, and I hope that each and any every fan has the chance to experience it for themselves.


Chris B