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"World of Noise" (Tim/Kerr / Capitol)
"Sparkle and Fade" (Capitol)
"So Much for the Afterglow" (Capitol)
"Learning How to Smile" (Capitol)
"Good Time for a Bad Attitude" (Capitol)
"Slow Motion Daydream" (Capitol)
"Ten Years Gone: The Best of Everclear" (Capitol)
Singles / EP's / Promos

"Nervous & Weird" EP (Tim/Kerr)
"Nervous & Weird" 7-Inch (Tim/Kerr)
"Fire Maple Song" EP (Tim/Kerr)
"Fire Maple Song" 3-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"Fire Maple Song" UK Maxi-Single (Fire Records)
"Live on the Radio" (Capitol)
"Heroin Girl" 1-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"Heroin Girl" UK Maxi-single (Fire Records)
"Heroin Girl" UK 7-Inch (Fire Records)
"Santa Monica" 1-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"Santa Monica" AUS Maxi-single (Capitol)
"Santa Monica" HOL Maxi-single (Capitol)
"Heartspark Dollarsign" 1-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"Heartspark Dollarsign" Promo 7-Inch (Capitol)
"Heartspark Dollarsign" US Maxi-single (Capitol)
"Heartspark Dollarsign" AUS Maxi-single (Capitol)
"Heartspark Dollarsign" HOL Maxi-single (Capitol)
"Heartspark Dollarsign" UK 7-Inch (Capitol)
"Heartspark Dollarsign" 1 of 2 UK Maxi-single (Capitol)
"Heartspark Dollarsign" 2 of 2 UK Maxi-single (Capitol)
"Santa Monica" UK 7-inch (Capitol)
"Santa Monica" 1 of 2 UK Maxi-single (Capitol)
"Santa Monica" 2 of 2 UK Maxi-single (Capitol)
"Santa Monica" HOL Maxi-single (Capitol)
"Summerland Tour Pack" AUS (EMI Aus)
"Live Acoustic" EUR EP (Capitol)
"In-Store Play Sampler" Promo (Capitol)
"You Make Me Feel Like a Whore" 1-Track Promo (Capitol)
"You Make Me Feel Like a Whore" AUS Maxi-single (Capitol)
"White Trash Hell" UK EP (Fire Records)
"Interview" Promo (Capitol)
"For College Radio Only" Promo (Capitol)
"Everything to Everyone" 1-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"Everything to Everyone" 2-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"Everything to Everyone" AUS Maxi-Single (Capitol)
"I Will Buy You a New Life" 2-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"So Much for the Afterglow" AUS Maxi-Single (Capitol)
"Everything to Everyone" UK 7-Inch (Capitol)
"Everything to Everyone" 1 of 2 UK Maxi-Single (Capitol)
"Everything to Everyone" 2 of 2 UK Maxi-Single (Capitol)
"Live from Toronto" JAP EP (Capitol)
"I Will Buy You a New Life" AUS Maxi-Single (Capitol)
"Father of Mine" 2-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"Father of Mine" 3-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"Father of Mine" AUS Maxi-Single (Capitol)
"One Hit Wonder" 1-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"Boys Are Back in Town" 1-Track Promo CD (Mercury)
"Wonderful" 2-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"A Smile Makes a Lousy Umbrella" Promo EP (Capitol)
"Acoustic Live" Promo EP (Capitol)
"Live Electric" Promo EP (Capitol)
"Adam Carolla Interview Disc" Promo CD (Capitol)
"Exclusive Bonus Disc" Promo CD (Capitol)
"Wonderful" 7-Inch (Capitol)
"Wonderful" AUS Maxi-Single (Capitol)
"AM Radio" Promo CD (Capitol)
"Wonderful" US Maxi-Single (Capitol)
"Wonderful" UK 1-Track Promo (Capitol)
"Wonderful" UK Maxi-Single (Capitol)
"When It All Goes Wrong Again" Promo CD (Capitol)
"AM Radio" AUS Maxi-Single (Capitol)
"Out of My Depth" 3-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"AM Radio" UK Maxi-Single (Parlophone)
"Brown Eyed Girl" 2-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"Rock Star" 1-Track Promo CD (Priority)
"Rock Star" 1-Track UK Promo CD (Virgin)
"Volvo Driving Soccer Mom" 2-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"Volvo Driving Soccer Mom" AUS Maxi-Single (EMI Aus)
"Volvo Driving Soccer Mom" CAN Maxi-Single (Capitol Canada)
"Volvo Driving Soccer Mom" EUR Maxi-Single (EMI Europe)
"Bonus Live" EP (EMI Aus)
"The New York Times" 2-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
Compilations & Soundtracks

"A Benefit For: Sisters of the Road Cafe"
"You Got Lucky: A Tribute to Tom Petty" (WEA/Scotti Bros.)
"KROQ New Music Sampler" (KROQ)
"Action Figures Sold Separately" Promo (Capitol)
"So Good It Hurts" Promo (Capitol)
"Hollywood and Vine" Promo (Capitol)
"CMJ Music Monthly" June 1995 (CMJ)
"Notes From the Underground, Vol. 1" (TAZ)
"I-5 Killers, Vol. 3" (Schizophonic Records)
"Triple Scoop 3" (EMI Canada)
"Mmmmm" - Q Magazine Issue 118 (UK)
"A Flavour of the Label 6" (Parlophone)
"MOM - Music for Our Mother Ocean" (Surfdog Records)
"Hottest 100 Volume 3" (EMI Australia)
"Doc Martens 1996" Promo (Capitol)
"Alternator" (UK)
"Jabberjaw... Pure Sweet Hell #6" (Mammoth)
"Romeo and Juliet" Soundtrack (Capitol)
"Subject to Change" (Capitol)
"Kevin and Bean: Christmastime in the LBC" Tape (KROQ)
"Hottest 100 Volume 4" (EMI Australia)
"V By Demand" (Sony Australia)
"CMJ Music Monthly" October 1997 (CMJ)
"The One and Only Rock Album" (Polygram Australia)
"Scream 2" Soundtrack (Capitol)
"Inhaled" (Polygram Australia)
"Kevin and Bean: A Family Christmas (In Your Ass)" (KROQ)
"Fruitcake" Promo (Capitol)
"Doc Martens 1998" Promo (Capitol)
"I Wouldn't Piss on It If It Was on Fire" Comp (Fire)
"The No. 1 Nineties Album" (Polygram Australia)
"Royal Flush" (Restaurant)
"Radio Asylum Vol. 1" (Griffin/Gopaco)
"MTV Most Wanted" (Warner Australia)
"90's Chartbreakers" (EMI Australia)
"90's Chartbreakers Vol 1" (EMI Australia)
"Guitars, Guitars, Guitars" (Best Buy)
"Signed, Sealed, & Delivid" (Festival)
"NOW" (Virgin / EMI)
"Frat Pack: Music for the Young Hollywood" Comp (Toshiba/EMI)
"Sounds of the Season" (Beast)
"WGRD Bootleg '98" (Restaurant)
"Blast from the Past" Soundtrack (Capitol)
"Hope in Hockeytown III" (Olympia)
"Indie 2000 Vol. 4" (Sony Australia)
"Ka-Boom" (Beast)
"End Sessions" (KNDD)
"Hottest 100 Volume 6" (EMI Australia)
"NOW 2" (Virgin/EMI)
"MTV Fight for Your Rights" (MTV)
"MOM 3 - Music for Our Mother Ocean" (Surfdog Records)
"Detroit Rock City" Soundtrack (Mercury)
"Woodstock '99" (Epic)
"This Is Alice Music 3" (Alice 97.3)
"Best Ever Punters Album" (Iron Australia)
"MTV: The First 1000 Years - Rock" (Rhino)
"Best of KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas" (KROQ)
"99x Deck the Hall Ball" (99x)
"I Wouldn't Piss on It If It Was on Fire" Comp (Atomic Pop)
"Platinum Rock 90's" (Warner Australia)
"CMJ Music Monthly" September 2000 (CMJ)
"100% Hits" (EMI Australia)
"Ralph Best Ever" Comp (EMI Australia)
"NOW 5" (Sony/Columbia)
"Big Shiny Tunes 5" (Warner Canada)
"Jane 9" (Jane Magazine)
"NOW 6" (Sony/Columbia)
"Indie 2000 Vol. 7" (Sony Australia)
"Rock Star" Soundtrack (Priority)
"Indie 2000 Vol. 8" (Sony Australia)
"Indie Anthems" (Sony Australia)
"Rock Hit Box" (BMG International)
"Big Shiny 90's" (Warner Canada)
"Capitol 2003" Promo (Capitol)
"Edge 103.9 2004 Calendar CD" (KEDJ)

"Closure" EP (Green Star Productions)
"Wake Up Everybody" Compilation CD (HHSAN)
Solo Releases

"Deep In The Heart Of The Beast In The Sun" (Shindig)
"Permanent Midnight" Soundtrack (DGC)
"Jingle Ball '98: The CD" (KFMB)
Cheap Trick - "Silver" (Cheap Trick Unlimited)

Lost Dog - "Spiritual Disneyland" (Shindig)
Frogpond - "Count to Ten" (TriStar)
Flipp - "Volume" (Artemis)
(Art Alexakis)

"Deep In The Heart Of The Beast In The Sun" (Shindig)
"Promotional Demonstration" EP (Shindig)
(Art Alexakis)

"Tragic Songs of Life" (Shindig)
"Lazy, Loud, and Liquored Up" Compilation (Shindig)
(Greg Eklund)

"Sailing" (Elemental Records)
"Northwest Ungrunge" (Elemental Records)
(Craig Montoya)

"Soul Hammer" Demo