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A1. Who is in Everclear?

For most of it's popular run, Everclear consisted of:

  • Art Alexakis (Vocals, Guitar)
  • Craig Montoya (Bass, Vocals)
  • Greg Eklund (Drums, Vocals)

A2. How did the band form?

In 1992, after moving to Portland, Art placed an ad in a local newspaper. The ad garnered two responses, one from bass player Craig Montoya, and one from drummer Scott Cuthbert. In fact, their first practice as Everclear was four days after the birth of Art's daughter, Anna. They recorded their World of Noise demo for $400 as a tape to give to clubs to get gigs. It later became their 1993 debut album.

In 1994, Scott Cuthbert was dismissed from the band. Around that time, local drummer Greg Eklund was actively interested in joining the band. He eventually got a hold of Art's telephone number, and called him up. The band held an informal audition, leaving out any mention of Capitol Records' interest in the band. Having passed the audition, Greg joined Everclear.

In 1995, they released Sparkle and Fade, followed by So Much for the Afterglow in October of 1997.

A3. What bands were the members in prior to Everclear?

Alexakis, while in Los Angeles, led a band called Shakin' Brave. Later, after moving to San Francisco, he started cow-punk band known as the Easy Hoes. The Easy Hoes released one cassette, called Tragic Songs of Life, in 1989 on Shindig Records.

A 1990 solo project turned into the alternative/country band Colorfinger. Colorfinger released one full length album, Deep In the Heart of the Beast in the Sun, and one demo EP on Alexakis' own Shindig label.

When Shindig's distributor Rough Trade went bankrupt, Shindig soon followed, and no Colorfinger or Easy Hoes material is currently in print. In fact, Art himself has been unable to obtain a copy of the Deep in the Heart CD - Shindig sold every copy they had. Soon after Shindig closed, Colorfinger also disbanded, prompting Alexakis to move to his girlfriend's hometown of Portland where they subsequently married and had a daughter.

Montoya, previously residing in Spokane, Washington, played with a band called Soul Hammer. Soul Hammer relocated to Portland but then disbanded. Montoya then teamed with Alexakis to form the first version of Everclear, which included Scott Cuthbert. Soul Hammer released no albums.

Eklund, previously residing in Eugene, Oregon, played with a band called Jollymon. He left Jollymon to move to Portland after the release of the album Sailing on Elemental Records in 1993. Following a short stint with a band called Nero's Rome, Eklund joined Everclear after Cuthbert was dismissed.

A4. How can I reach Everclear?

Everclear can be reached at Art Alexakis' personal mailbox:

P.O. Box 15055
Portland, OR 97215

This has been Everclear's mailbox since the days of World of Noise. Recent reports have stated that mail sent to this address is being returned - so it's possible that they might have finally closed the box.

A5. Is there an official fan club?

What exists now is available at EverclearOnline.com.

Everclear has had fan clubs in the past. In late 1997, Everclear organized an official fan club through Liberty Lyle Productions, a company that maintained official fan clubs for several bands, including Orbit and Garbage.

However, eventually, the band expressed displeasure with the operation. The Fan Club was unwilling or unable to update the band's "official" web page with any regularity, and was slow to respond to members' purchases and subscriptions. Additionally, the promised "quarterly" newsletter never really materialized, save for one edition early in 1998.

In 1999, Everclear shifted their online merchandise operation from to EverclearDirect, which was maintained by ArtistDirect. At some point in 2001, though, EverclearDirect closed. Their official merchandise is now being handled online via JSR Direct.

In early 2000, Everclear moved their official website to EverclearOnline.com. The original version of the site shut down in August of 2003, but reopened in new form in September of 2004.

In conjunction with the release of Slow Motion Daydream, the Everclear Street Team opened, managed by M80 Interactive Marketing. However, following the release of "New York Times" as a single, the Street Team ceased its operations.

A6. What happened to the band? I heard they broke up.

Following the end of the tour for Slow Motion Daydream in August of 2003, Greg and Craig decided that they were ready to move on from Everclear to pursue other musical interests. With their blessing, Art brought in new musicians, creating a new Everclear.

Craig has since started a band called Tri-Polar with Brian Lehfeldt and Scotty Heard, both formerly of the Portland band Sweaty Nipples.

Greg now plays guitar and sings in a band called The Oohlas, featuring his brother Mark and female singer Ollie Tamale.