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Here's a quick translation of some of the more popular abbreviations:

  • FOM - "Father of Mine"
  • GTFABA - "Good Time for a Bad Attitude"
  • HTWFAIP - "How to Win Friends and Influence People"
  • IWBYANL - "I Will Buy You a New Life"
  • IWTDABD - "I Want to Die a Beautiful Death"
  • LHTS - "Learning How to Smile"
  • SFAAM - "Song(s) from an American Movie"
  • SMFTA - "So Much for the Afterglow"
  • VDSM - "Volvo Driving Soccer Mom"
  • WIAGWA - "When It All Goes Wrong Again"
  • WIDBIG - "Why I Don't Believe In God"
  • WMIBS - "White Men in Black Suits"
  • YMMFLAW - "You Make Me Feel Like a Whore"
If you are new to the internet, you should take a look at some common acronyms (like ROTFL, "Rolling On The Floor Laughing") that you'll see on mailing lists, chat rooms, and everywhere else.


D1. Do you know of any Everclear web pages?

There are far too many Everclear web pages to list here, but here are a few of the more "official" pages.

    1 Everclear's Official Website
    2 Halloween Americana
    3 Hungry and Hollow
    4 Ultimate Band List: Everclear
    5 Yahoo's Everclear Site List
    6 Nehalem - The First Everclear Web Site
      Final Update October 7, 1996.

Also, check out the sites listed on White Lightning's Links page.

D2. Are there any mailing lists?

Over the years, there were several active Everclear mailing lists.

The oldest and first was White Lightning. White Lightning was established by Brent Fusco in January of 1996. Following his death in October of 1996, the list fell in the hands of Chris Blackburn, who maintained it for the remainder of its existence. WL closed to new members in August of 1998, and closed in its original form in January of 2001.

In November of 1998, Brett Paragow started a new Everclear mailing list, called Downtime. To join Downtime, visit the Downtime page at Yahoo! Groups.

There are a handful of other Everclear mailing lists housed at Yahoo! Groups. Just do a search for "Everclear" from the main page.

If you're new to the internet or to mailing-lists, you should go familiarize yourself with some general and/or mailing-list netiquette.

D3. Is there a newsgroup?

Yes! On April 17, 1998, alt.music.everclear was established.

However, a few ISP's don't carry alt.music.everclear. If yours doesn't, be sure to email your ISP's News Admin and ask them to add it.

If you can't get alt.music.everclear through your ISP, head to Google Groups.

D4. Is there an IRC Chat channel?

Try #everclear on the Undernet server (us.undernet.org).

D5. Are any of the band members on the internet somewhere?

Craig and Greg have internet accounts. Art closed his email account in April of 2003 because he was receiving more email than he could handle.