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I1. "AM Radio" sounds kinda familiar. Why?

The song is loosely based on the 1971 R&B song "Mr Big Stuff", performed by Jean Knight. "AM Radio" also includes samples from that version.

For a RealAudio sample of "Mr Big Stuff", click here.

I2. Whose voice is it that says "here we go again" on "Here We Go Again"?

That would be Chuck D of Public Enemy, sampled from the Public Enemy song "Bring the Noise".

For a RealAudio sample of "Bring the Noise", click here. The sample used in "Here We Go Again" is seven seconds into the clip.

I3. What exactly is spoken at the beginning of "Learning How to Smile"?

When asked, Art has been coy as to what he says at the beginning of the song, saying that if anyone accurately guesses it, he'll confirm it. But the best guess is that he's simply uttering nonsense syllables to count off the beginning of the song - something like "zoo zoo faa zoo, zoo zoo faa zoo".

I4. Who sings on "The Honeymoon Song"?

That would be Greg Eklund. Greg also wrote the song.

While on his honeymoon in Hawaii, Greg purchased a ukelele. He began noodling on it, coming up with the chorus part of the song almost immediately. Later that year, Greg played the unfinished song for Art and Craig, after which Art pressed Greg to write more lyrics to complete the song.

I5. The drum part on "Now That It's Over" sounds familiar. Why?

The main drum beat of "Now That It's Over" is nearly identical to that of "When the Levee Breaks" by Led Zeppelin. It's been used in countless songs over the years, including the Beastie Boys' "Rhymin' And Stealin'" and Oasis' "D'Ya Know What I Mean".