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K1. Who sings "What Do I Get"?

That would be Greg. He claims he had a sore throat that day.

K2. Who originally performed...?

On releases:

    "American Girl" - Tom Petty
    "Bad Connection" - Yaz
    "Boys Are Back in Town" - Thin Lizzy
    "Brown Eyed Girl" - Van Morrison
    "Connection" - Rolling Stones
    "Don't Change" - INXS
    "How Soon Is Now?" - The Smiths
    "The Joker" - Steve Miller Band
    "Our Lips Are Sealed" - The Go-Go's / Fun Boy Three
    "Pocahontas" - Neil Young
    "Search and Destroy" - Iggy Pop
    "Sin City" - AC/DC
    "Southern Girls" - Cheap Trick
    "Walk Don't Run" - The Ventures
    "What Do I Get" - The Buzzcocks

    For info on where to find the Everclear versions, head to the Discography.

Others performed live:

    "Crazy Train" - Ozzy Osbourne
    "Night Moves" - Bob Seger
    "No Fun" - Iggy Pop
    "Paranoid" - Black Sabbath
    "Rocky Mountain High" - John Denver
    "Suffragette City" - David Bowie
    "Whole Lotta Love" - Led Zeppelin


M1. What's the story behind the "Heroin Girl" video?

The band put an ad in a local Portland newspaper letting people know that the video shoot was taking place. A number of local high school kids ditched school that day to participate.

The director gave out a number of 8mm film cameras to the kids, and let them film the band. The band played the song several times. The footage was then edited together to make the finished product.

The students were later suspended from school, and Everclear received a nice little note from the Portland School Board.

M2. What's the story behind the "Heartspark Dollarsign" video?

The video was directed by Larry Clark, who directed the 1995 movie "Kids". When he turned in the final version of the video to Art, Art was appalled - in his opinion, several of the scenes were borderline child pornography. Art opted to re-edit the video himself. What you've seen on MTV is Art's re-edit.

M3. That blonde girl in "Everything to Everyone" looks familiar. Where else have I seen her?

She also appears in the video for Blink 182's "Dammit".

M4. Is that little girl in the "Everything to Everyone" video Art's daughter?

Nope. She's just an actress who resembles Art's daughter Anna.

M5. Who's the guy with the accordion in the video for "I Will Buy You a New Life"?

That's Rami Jaffee of the Wallflowers. He plays vox organ on the track itself.

M6. Is that Art's wife, daughter, and son at the end of the "Father of Mine" video?

Nope. And, for the record, Art doesn't have a son, just a daughter - Anna.

M7. Who's that old guy in the "One Hit Wonder" video?

That's Wink Martindale, who has hosted many classic game shows, including "Tic, Tac, Dough" and the current USA game show "Debt".

M8. What's this I hear about porn stars in the video for "Boys Are Back in Town"?

In the video, Janine (who's also on the cover of Blink 182's Enema of the State and in the video for "What's My Age Again") dances on stage during the 70's performance. Also, Ron Jeremy makes a cameo appearance as a security guard.

M9. I heard that Art's wife is in the "Wonderful" video. Where is she?

She's the "angel" with short, dark hair. At the very end of the video, as the bus pulls away, she's on the far right. (She also appears in the video for "When It All Goes Wrong Again".)

M10. In the "AM Radio" video, who is the radio dj guy at the beginning?

That's Lars Fox wearing a bad wig. He engineered and co-produced Learning How to Smile and Good Time for a Bad Attitude.

M11. In the "AM Radio" video, what does it say on Craig's shirt?

"If this song is too pop... then it's past your bedtime." (He also wears a shirt in the video that bears the ever-popular "Disco Still Sucks".)

M12. Who's the girl in ?

Honestly? If we haven't mentioned a name above, we don't know.

Most of the women who appear in music videos aren't named actors. Meaning, they're not established actors who would otherwise be seen in other films, tv shows, etc. You'll see them in a video, and, more than likely, you will never see them again.

There are some exceptions, including the names we've mentioned already. But the overwhelming majority are just random actress/models chosen for the part.

Yes, we know you think the girl in that Everclear video is hot. The director agrees with you - that's why she was picked. But until she appears in something else, she's just another actress/model among the thousands who make these kinds of appearances.