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REVIEW: Everclear at Donington
Kerrang, August 1996


The amazingly Kurt-Cobain-like Art Alexakis strides out purposefully and tries his very best to pile into 'Electra Made Me Blind'. Nothing happens. "Sorry about that," he grins. "My guitar amp just went."

It's the most important UK showing yet for the million-selling Yank semi-superstars, and Mr Gremlin and his buddies have come over to stay the weekend. 'Electra...' is abandoned altogether, and even after the miscreant amplifier is replaced, Everclear never really gain momentum. 'You Make Me Feel Like A Whore', 'Nehalem' and 'Heartspark Dollarsign' come and go in a squall of screechy guitars and over-subtle hooks, and 20 feet either side of the stage people queue up for ice creams totally untroubled by the efforts of one of the most exciting new(ish) bands around.

A closing cover of AD/DC's 'Sin City' (sung hilariously in Bon Scott-style by bassist/top nutter Craig Montoya) wakes a few lugubrious bearded types out of their stupor, but of Everclear's own material only the new single, 'Santa Monica', is anywhere close to catchy - and they don't even play the bastard.

Of course, it's already happened for Everclear Stateside, and it will happen here too. Only not today.