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American Hi-Fi with Art & Craig - "Surrender"

    Not as high-quality as something we'd normally use for Song of the Moment, but it's unusual enough that we thought we'd go ahead and make it available.

    While Everclear were in Cincinnati during the 2001 Matchbox Twenty tour, they bumped into an old friend - former Letters to Cleo / Veruca Salt drummer and current American Hi-Fi guitarist Stacy Jones.

    During an open night in their schedule (March 7th), Art and Craig dropped by Bogart's to catch American Hi-Fi's set. (American Hi-Fi were on their own tour, opening for Vast and Eve 6.) Towards the end of the show, Stacy invited them onstage to perform an impromptu cover of Cheap Trick's "Surrender". (The events of this evening were noted in further detail in Craig's Tour Diary.)

    The audio quality is a little sketchy - it's sourced from the Windows Media video that appears on American Hi-Fi's Website. Also, it appears that the music was recorded from behind the drummer - meaning that the vocals and guitar are only heard through the drummer's wedge (the monitor speaker that the drummer uses to hear the rest of the band during the show). We tried to remaster the sound for the MP3 in order to better hear the vocals.

    (Special thanks to Bich Ngoc for tracking down the video clips!)

    American Hi-Fi with Art & Craig - "Surrender" [4,269 KB]

NOTE - Auctioning these songs on CD-R's will result in a whole host of negative feedback. You've been warned. Thanks!